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Thread: do you think this could make a medal

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    do you think this could make a medal

    i dont normal shoot for medal class animals but last year i shot this beast out of my heard in east sussex and it looks to be a good beast but not sure what a medal class animal looks like

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    Sorry, Don't think so to many fish tails, not enough spellers or deep enough palms.
    Regards Widu.

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    I hav to agree with Widu
    I hav seen a fallow that went bronze which did hav split palms but it was a monster of a head compared to yours but I could be wrong

    Here is one that did not make it
    this was my first ever fallow buck

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    And here is one that did
    My first ever medal
    It went bronze

    But you will only ever know once it has been measured

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    +1 needs more palmation i would say to make medal

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