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Thread: No Apparent limit!!!!!!!!

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    No Apparent limit!!!!!!!!

    Kenny seems to be foaming at the mouth on this!
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    Oh no! They've killed Kenny!

    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    He's a little man in a big country.... a country that depends on income from fieldsports. Just ignore the twonk and he might go away
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch View Post
    Oh no! They've killed Kenny!

    wha? !!!! no one told me they were even gunning for me!
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    What a moron, how many guns can you use at the same time anyway?

    It really pee's me off that the city dwelling folk think its acceptable to interfere in country issues like this, the people of wester ross don't interfere with the policing policy for edinburgh's hogmanay celebrations..... why would they want to? it has nothing to do with them. Kenny is fishing for votes here, (there is no logical argument behind what he is saying) the sad thing is he might get some.

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    Interesting to note that all but one of the comments below the article are staunchly pro-shooting and against the type of controls he espouses.

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    he should focus on the high level of illegally held "lethal weapons" held on the streets of Scottish cities.
    I am only 50 miles from the Border, that cunch of bunts get control I will be over it in less than an hour!

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    Kenny is a dimwit, but not as dim as those who voted for him.

    He will not do anything about illegally held weapons, inward investment, drugs, raising educational standards etc. The reason is that these are difficult topics with no quick fixes. Even if they can be fixed the solutions are well beyond Kenny's ability. He, like many politicians, has been promoted far beyond his ability or pay grade.

    (I recall reading somewhere that the lowest level of gun crime occurs in area with the highest level of legally held weapons, the Northern Constabulary.)

    This is cheap publicity for Kenny where he promises a quick fix for a problem (which anyone with a scintilla of common sense will know does not exist) and then takes the credit for solving the non-problem. This justifies his existence.
    The reason why Kenny et al are so dangerous is because 95% of the population are halfwits who need protecting from themselves (this is how the government view the populous). And they are more than willing to eat the morsels that they are thrown.
    If you do not own a gun or support country sports you are hardly going to be bothered about them being banned now are you?

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    It really winds me up when people talk generally about, in this case, reducing the number of firearms "in society" or even sometimes "on the street", when they mean taking legally held firearms from the most law abiding section of society. I really pity Scotland if this fool gets anymore power. When a government no longer trusts its citizens to have a gun, its time to loose trust in that government.

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    This man is entitled to have his say, only his brain hasn't told what to say makes any sense yet!!

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