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Thread: syndicate west of Scotland argyllshire

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    syndicate west of Scotland argyllshire

    Looking for 4 guns @ 380.00 616 acres 288 hec Red And Roe out of season ticket on Red stags. first come .

    Aerial photo shows the ground all the forest in the pic nothing hidden what you see is what you get . you can contact me through the site or by phone . I dont care where you live .

    If anyone wants to walk or be shown the ground I would like to do this collectively before the 20 March

    All you require is level 1 and a valid insurance(IE) basc ,sga, ngo whatever.

    The forest is near to Tighnabruaich you can check out multimap Millhouse argyll


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    Looks like nice ground - the open spaces and rides just yell out 'deer'!

    Rgds Ian

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    AAAAARGH! Now I wish I'd gotten off my arse and got my level 1 done.

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    A nice bit of ground now that's the truth i have removed many a deer off it i the past. I hope you fill it with good honest people the same as your self.
    To me it is perfect for the 5 stalkers and should produce a good crop.
    Here's me after to stalks on the said ground 7 years ago.

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    Never mind

    Ground looks good and I no the area as I stalk just east of you and have done for the past 20 years shame I am not experience enough to join as do not have level 1.
    Good luck with you search its a beautiful area and has a good head of Deer, any one who joins you will have top stalking.

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