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Thread: my free stalks

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    my free stalks

    Hi many thanks to woodfordfallow for 2 free stalks i won here's how it went ,on the field at5.00am and saw a buck and doe going from field to field but not stoping to feed much so made my way down the hedge rows to a high seat under an oak tree, i had been there about an hr scanning round when from the far side top of field came a buck ,all keyed up now and bugger it in to the undergrouth he goe's so i sqeezsed the call three times and 10 minutes later from oppisite he pops out coming staight for me crossing the field,he stops 70-80 yards broad side and i take him down, a heart lung shot he spun in an arc of about 10ft and whent down.Sorry no pics but hopefully woodfordfallow will put some up,he has one of him ,same buck same place on his stealth cam and one of me after the shot.Deer weight was 17 kg and is now in my larder.

    stalk 2. i was on high ground in a wood and was stalking down hill wind in my favour , 2 bucks were out onthe edge of a clearing with thick cover on the far side.i stalked down to with in 150 yards and watched them.i wanted to shoot up hill on to the clearing and have a safe back drop but slowly both moved into cover having had there fill,I moved up hill to a high seat( and he has some great seats) and sat till dark with nothing showing.
    Many thanks to Woodfordfallow saw deer every where he said i would and wife and i had a great week down Cornwall cheers

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    Well done Malc If you had done that stalk on your level two you would have had your final stalk in the bag .Your experiance and passion was great to see.I hope to see you in the future.
    I always put the time in before guests or the syndicate come out.This is the deer i got in the stealth cam for you as below.Very good shot thru the heart and a nice skinning job.
    As you seen we have more where they came from so pack your bags for your retun visit. Many thanks for your comments Malcome.You are a credit to our sport . Click image for larger version. 

Name:	24 5 20012 menear farm.jpg 
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ID:	16131 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Photo0223.jpg 
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ID:	16133 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Photo0225.jpg 
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Name:	P1050694.jpg 
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    best regards
    woodfordfallow Brian

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