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Thread: thought i was a changed man

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    thought i was a changed man

    i used to be really into bird watching and nature when a young boy but got really into shooting and lost the utter love of fluffy animals for a more realistic balanced view. my daughter won a competion and we had a day out with mike dilger at a rspb reserve. really enjoyed it learnt lots and wondered about joining the rspb again. more worryingly i was really enjoying springwatch but was then brought back to reallity with a bump. micheala strachen anounced she fed her son lentil bakes.


    hand me my gun im of after a rabbit or two

    has anyone else had a close call of turning to the dark side

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    Me just a second before i pulled the trigger,ah dam av gone and shot another one,will try better next time

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    Nowt wrong with watching bird, deer, and other critters. Just remember they have a place too .............................................. and it's not always on the plate take alook here:-

    Thoase are Chaffinches just hatched. The final egg hatched a couple of days back will take another photo of the young tomorrow weather permitting.

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    I thought the springwatch footage of cat predation was good

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    Now all we need is footage of a buzzard flying off with Tiddles and we're laughing...

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