Hi my name is Leighton and I live in Caerphilly in South Wales . I am married with two sons and a daughter who have all flown the nest. I am 54 years old and have been rough shooting ever since I owned my first shot gun at the age of 15 .
I served nine years in the Royal Navy during which time I saw a great deal of the world while serving aboard HMS Jaguar,HMS Ark Royal and HMS Bristol , my 3 years reserve service ran out the day Falkland war was declared . The only action I saw was the " Cod War " in the early 70's .lol
I was a member of a local field sportsman's club for 20 years where we had access to a large number of farms , some we payed for others we did the pest control on in return for the winter game .
I also did several trips to Scotland goose shooting with Percy Betts in Newton Stuart and some rough shooting days on an estate just outside Gurvan a place called Kirkoswald near Maidens . I had some great shooting there and some good nights out with Mat and Tom who were the keepers at the time . Twenty years have flown by yet it only seems like yesterday.
I have no experience in deer stalking what so ever but it has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember and only now after all these years I have looked into it with a view that maybe my dream isn't as far out of my reach as I once thought. I have got a million miles to go yet as far as looking into doing these deer courses and eventually getting a rifle but one step at a time . I hope I can pick up some good advise reading through your posts that will help me on my way .
Thanks for your time.