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Thread: another great weekend on the bucks

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    another great weekend on the bucks

    well what a great way to start june myself and a friend was off up to scotland last thursday for a couple of days stalking. well friday at 4am we where up and about and by 5am we found our frist buck as we stalked in to him we saw a second, then no3 popped up so we had three at a range of 150m out to 260m lucky for us the one we wanted was the closest too as he was limping very bad he was an old 6 pointer going back, so down on the bipod and down he went none of the other two bucks move so i stalked along the wall to within 110m and droped no2 which was a small spiker as i looked up no3 was busy chasing a doe across the field he was a very nice six pointer and was left to go about his day, so we got the two bucks sorted out and we were back drinking a nice cup of tea by 0630 and i was glad to as the sun soon got very hot . the evening soon come around and we were back out looking for any cull bucks hoping to make some room for the better bucks in the area we had only seen a couple of good six pointers which we decided to leave till later in the year for the rut . 4hours later and not much of a sleep we were back up and out we stalked across some open farm land and down in to a rushy field which joins on to the wood i glassed a roe but its head was down so i could not tell what sex it was so i stalked down to cheak what it was and as i hoped it was a small 4 pointer so up with the rifle and down he went another good cull animal so all sorted and in the roe sack and back for a cup of tea and a sleep we had only managed 5hrs since thursday so saturday evening soon come round and we had talked about the amount of good bucks we had seen and decided if the chance of a good buck turned up we would take him , for the first couple of hours i had seen nothing which i put down to the weather as it was still very hot i stalked up to a small wood about half acre as i got to the wood i could see a roe in the long grass as i got closer i could see it was a doe i just sat and watch her till she feed away from me as i stalked around the corner of the wood i could see movment in the long grass so back on my knees then he lifted his head up a very nice 6 pointer so i got myself ready and waited for him to give me a shot he was slowly working his way towords me by which time he was only 20m away so i decided the next time his head came up to put one in his neck i give him a quick whistle and up came the head and down he went a great end to a great stalk, another medal for the wall and great memories . after i had gralloched him i walked down and spent the last hour in a seat just glassing , at 2200 i heared a shot which told me my friend had one as well which turned out to be a nice six pointer and a great end to a couple of days stalking . sunday morning we fixed up a couple of seats had some food and back on the road home, for a couple of days then bags repacked and off over to ireland till monday on the goats, No rest for the wicked and no time to work.
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    Looks like you had a good time Trev , good luck on goats
    I,m out on goats tmoro with an SD member , hope the weather improves
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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Nice bucks Trev well done the both of you.

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    Nice one Trevor, good luck with the goats.


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    A good trip up north then Trev.

    Have a good 'un on the goats boys.


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    Good going fella.Number two looks a very old lad and a pretty unique heed.

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    Well done, congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Looks like you had a good time Trev , good luck on goats
    I,m out on goats tmoro with an SD member , hope the weather improves
    Colin I was Not to few from you mate lovely bit of the county hope to spend a few days in the rut over there


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