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Thread: reloading gear.

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    reloading gear.

    hi guy's,
    a mate of mine has some reloading gear which he got after his father died, he dunt know what most of it is and neither do i. but i do want too get into reloading but dunt have a clue whats what. he has loads of gear from reloading bullets to cartridges and its all in 1 big pile!!! i,m only wanting to reload for my 22/250 and 270. i know scales and stuff but it's the other stuff. tried searching kits to see whats in them but not much luck. so was hoping you guy's could post me some pictures up of what i will need and then i can find it out.
    i dunt know anyone local to me who reloads other wise would go and see them, if anyone in and around sheffield can help me it would be great, if not pictures would be a cracking start.
    many thanks in advance stav
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    As there is so much reloading gear available, most of which will look the same but be for different calibre's, it may be better if you take out the parts you do recognise and then take photographs of the bits you don't. If you post them on here, I'm sure that they'll be identified for you.

    If we post photographs of our gear, chances are, they'll not be the same as the stuff in your 'pile' anyway.


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    Hello i am looking for a powder thrower and stand if you have one off these in your items for sale


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