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Thread: Reloading equipment

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    Reloading equipment

    Just to let you know REEVES DEER MANAGEMENT now have a comprehensive range of reloading eqipment including Hornady, RCBS, Speer, Sierra, Reloader, Vihtavuori, Winchester IMR powders,plus lots more.
    Please give us a call on 01491 671648 with all your requirements and let us give you a competative price.

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    HI do you have a link to a catalogue? I'm after a complete kit for 6.5x 55?


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    Sorry the website | Reeves | Reeves Deer Management | Reeves High Seats | Rifles | Shotguns | Stalking equipment | gun accessories | Stalking clothing is currently being worked on. We can supply everything for your 6.5x55 if you would like to either pm me with your needs or call us we can give you the price etc.
    Many thanks

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