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Thread: Pulsar Digi-sight and dvr/mpr wires/connector?

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    Pulsar Digi-sight and dvr/mpr wires/connector?


    I have just received a miny player/recorder to attach to my pulsar sight, i am a bit technically challenged, what wire do i need to connect the two together as the one that came with the player is for connecting to a TV only?

    a link to somewhere i can buy one would be great,

    many thanks

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    Is it a male or female RCA adaptor you need?
    Either way here they are.

    Female adaptor

    Male adaptor
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I am not sure it is either of those, it looks like it should be a male/male jack but i haven't really got a clue.

    thank you for your help though

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    Ooops, sorry i've been a bit special and just realised that it is only the yellow one of the three connections that makes it run, so no extra cable needed.

    sorry to waste your time

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