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Thread: Sako Grey Laminate stock

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    Sako Grey Laminate stock

    I bought this from Flytie last year and only put it on my rifle once then decided I prefer my Synthetic stock.
    This is suitable for the IV action. The stock is in excellent condition. 130 plus postage.
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    Will this rifle fit a Sako 85 in 6.5 x 55 with a normal barrel. If so, I'd like it please.



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    I've been in touch with the seller and it looks like this stock came off a 75. According to a thread elsewhere on the Forum it can't be fitted to an 85 without some work, so I'll have to step down.

    Best of luck with the sale and I hope someone picks this up as it looks superb.



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    Hi,will the stock fit an A2 action ? Ian.

    Sorry just realised its for the longer action,if anyone out there has a stock to fit the medium action please contact me,Thanks.
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    Yes please , pm on its way

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    Steve, PM replied to.

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    Sold. Many thanks Steve, hope you enjoy it.

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