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    Saw a litter of cubs at the weekend. They were well grown almost minature foxes at and around the entrance to the earth. How long do you think they will they hang around the general area as I am away for the next week? Thanks

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    Hit or a Miss? Depends if they get disturbed?

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    I would think untill the the end of September , if they don,t get disturbed.


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    Untill the food supply runs out or they get pushed out
    But if you know where they are now make an effort to pick them up sooner than later
    As at the mo you could get the whole lot in go
    Any later then it will be more likely one at a time over many days/nights and that is time consuming considering all the other undetected litters that you don't know about or those that move in that you may also need to spend time trying to get to grips with

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