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Thread: Help! anyone got any Hornady .243 sst 95grn superformance?

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    Help! anyone got any Hornady .243 sst 95grn superformance?

    Hope someone can help me out.
    After picking up my rifle last weekend (FAC arrive saturday morning!!), i went out to zero and shoot for group accuracy with a few different types of ammo early this week.
    Got it sorted and zero'd in with Hornady superformance sst 95grn, only to be told by the shop today that that was the last 20 in stock, phoned all the other shops in the area and no-one else has any either. Not normally a problem as i'd just order some in - the thing is i have my DSC1 this weekend and no time or range to re-zero my rifle on.

    Anyone close enough to me and have a few (after 60 if you have them), i'll come get them and obviously pay the going rate!
    Failing that anyone know if their local shop has them in stock right now as i might be able to drive pretty much anywhere in the south-east to get them.

    Thanks for any help you are able to give,

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    If you have a good zero with the 95Grains then you'll find you will have almost exactly the same zero with standard .243W 100Grains factory amo, such as Federal Power Shock.
    The DSC1 target at 6" is rather large, the margins of error allowed are very generous, AND you get another change to check your zero before the test starts so you can still make some small adjustments if need be. I would focus on the theory if I was you - in particular on the deer ID part - and not worry about the marksman test. I have seen people passed who had never shot a rifle before, with a borrowed rifle. The assessors are extremely keen to do everything they can to help you through the practical part of the test.

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    hello mate my local shop has some just checked for you heres the link :
    best of luck stu

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    you get a chance to zero on the DSC1 test anyway. just buy some ammo of similar MV/bullet weight for the day

    don't take the rifle test lightly though as above.
    we have 3 or 4 fail the practical and pass the written (all "experienced" shooters)

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    Thanks for the replies guys, especially the heads-up stu about your local RFD (a bit of a trek for me so hoping i'll find some nearer - but might have to travel over if i can't).

    As for usigng other ammo - i'm sure there are other bullets that would perform equally ok in my rifle (just wish I had more time to find out what they are), but it's a bit more of a risk than i was hoping to take to buy some just cos they are around the same weight and velocity. I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure the only way to tell whether a bullet will group ok from my rifle is to actually test it?

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    Try sako 90 grain factory loads, they shoot well in most rifles and should have a very similar downrange performance, As the hornady rounds are designed to be 'that little bit faster' it may be that federal 85 grain factory loads might also have a similar downrange performance.
    As stated prevously you get a zeroing chance on the DSC1 anyway, so DON'T PANIC!!!, and yes.....the only way to tell how a bullet performs in your rifle IS to test it!......but remember also that unless you start homeloading you want to look for the ammo that performs the best but that is also readily stocked throughout the country just incase you go stalking elsewhere and need to buy more ammo.
    As long as whichever rounds you choose for your DSC test group within an inch (most factory rounds are well capable of that) you will do fine!...Best of luck!!!


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