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Thread: How high can a fox jump?

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    How high can a fox jump?

    My back garden is adjacent to two others that are currently untended and covered in 50cm high grass, thistles and brambles. They clearly have paths though them that are not only regular byways, but spots for general jumping around and chasing one's own tail, which I took to have been made by foxes. In addition, every so often, the bin bags put out for the dustmen are totally savaged. I've never seen any of these foxes, but then I've only been here for two months. I did think of cats, but I haven't seen any around here, there's a healthy bird population, and they don't bother to hide in the day. Besides, the paths seem to wide for cats.

    Here's the thing though: I've just found what I take to be fox cr@p on my lawn, but there isn't an obvious access point for a fox at ground level. The only way in is to climb or jump over a 1m50 wooden fence. Can foxes get over that? The tracks are mostly in the garden that abuts a wire fence which makes sense, but there appear to be occasional forays into the two other gardens.

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    yes mate with ease , i look after a large free range chicken spot the fences are 1.5 mtrs high with two strings of barbed wire on top i have seen foxes cleanly get over with a fully grown chicken in its mouth before it got the 270 pill up its jacksey. i have seen this on a couple of occassions now and would never have believed it possible.atb wayne
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    They used to scale a 10 foot wall to get into my garden when I kept rabbits and I hav seen them clear a 6 foot fence to get out of a release pen with ease in the past on many occasions
    I once saw a 3 legged fox clear an 8-10 foot wall and several 6 foot panel fences to escape the fox hounds
    A mate of mine has a pic of a fox on top of his garage roof , it could only of got there by scaling the wall and gutter

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    If you get some offset angle iron facing out and put wire through it and tighten it with a turnbuckle on each one place it above the fence line 3" apart for 18" high keep the wire tight, tips em over backwards and spray it with a deterrent (aluminum ammonium sulphate) rezist its called that will stop it. you can get a small can of it for domestic use in some plant nurseries
    By the time the deterrent wears off he will have moved on
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    I have seen loads of foxes sleeping on roofs, and in the top of leylandii hedges. They are very good climbers as well as jumpers. Its surprising what you see working as a tree surgeon, the birds eye view sees a lot of unusual stuff.

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    The conventional wisdom is that you need a 6ft fence MINIMUM with a soft top to it or an outturned top. If not soft then a further foot or 2 of floppy wire on top. So in answer to your question they will have no trouble at all with a 1.5m (or 5ft) fence

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    I've got an earth with four well grown cubs in the field behind my house and they are already hopping over the six foot garden fence her next door had put up to stop the deer getting in and eating her roses

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    I watched a fox get onto the roof of a garage from a slow trot.
    hit the wall half way up and pushed off to get up the rest of the way.
    the garage is 8.5ft high!

    it was like something out of crouching tiger hidden dragon!

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    if you have a close board wooden fence try carpet grippers on the top to slow up cats and foxes

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    I watched a fox clear a four and a half fence to get to some ducks just a few weeks ago. Nothing unusual about this except for the fact that the fox only had three and a half legs! It's rear laft was taken off right in the joint, possibly caught in a snare, but I am only guessing at that. It was so cleanly taken off that it looked like it could have been amputated by a vet, and quite recently at that! That big old dog fox will not be taking any more ducks as I was waiting for it with my .22WMR in the poultry house and it got a 50g "pill" injected into it's head just behind the left ear!
    Just out of interest this was the biggest dog fox I had ever shot!
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