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Thread: 25-06 or 270

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    25-06 or 270

    I'm Curently using my trusty 243 for roe, and have been lucky enough to pick up some ground with fallow on it.
    Could anyone advise me on the pros and cons of using a larger caliber like the 25-06 or 270 or even 308 for fallow and the occasinal sika.
    I am thinking about doing a 1 for 1 variation and swaping the 243 for a 270
    your thoughts would be great.


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    i have know knowledge of using a 243 but i would think it will be fine on fallow alot of people still use them on reds the right spot and all that but me i love my 270'S and will not be parting very flat shooting and a pleasure to use its the only rifle you would need if you only want one,atb wayne
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    Nowt wrong with either calibre but i think you will be more than happy with the stopping power from both

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    Personally I would seriously consider keeping the .243 and adding another rifle in a larger calibre.

    You mention Fallow and well Fallow bring to mind woods. Out of the three cartridges you mention if it were me I would be looking long and hard at the .308. Larger diameter and heavier bullet at reasonable velocity. To me both 25-06 and 270 are more open country cartridges but that's just my take on it.

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    270 winchester all the way mate packs more punch and more versitile flat shooting, but you could always go and get a 7mm rem mag and you wouldnt need another calibre for deer love both on deer.

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    chopped my 243 for the 6.5x55 already had a 308 which i used for woodland red and fallow .
    the 308 is a fantastic round and if i was to own one deer rifle it would be high on my list but i have seriously been impressed with the 6.5 so the worlds your oyster really , wouldnt be without the 6.5 or the 308 now

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    The 25.06 is too close to the 243 to be much different. Only advantage is a higher velocity and 120 grain bullets. But IF you need that then the 270 is superior AND easier to find secondhand!

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    Add the .270 and keep the .243 too.

    Classic long/short action combo.

    Scope them with something like a 4.5-14 fine reticle variable on the .243 and a 3-12 thick reticle (or illum') reticle on the .270.

    70-85grn BT bullets in the .243, 130grn soft points in the .270.

    I'd be perfectly happy with this battery to cover all my needs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    The 25.06 is too close to the 243 to be much different. Only advantage is a higher velocity and 120 grain bullets. But IF you need that then the 270 is superior AND easier to find secondhand!
    Only advantage is a higher velocity and 120grn bullets? That is the reason he is hoping to meet in changing from the 243.

    The 25-06 is a very different chambering from a 243 and more than capable of taking any species of deer in the UK. So do not be put off one because you feel it is not a big enough step up. read some ballistic tables to see what the advantage is.

    I have owned several 243's, two 270's, a 25-06 and two 308's. I agree that the 25-06 and 270 make good long range open ground rifles, but they are still usable in woodland. Long/short action, desirable barrel length etc aside, any one of the calibres mentioned on the pages will all perform well on fallow or Sika. It is Sika that mine are primarily used on. These calibres don't really need any bullet type beyond a straightforward soft point on deer when using 120grn in 25-06, 130grn in 270 or 150grn in the 308 but play about with different types until you get a good accurate result.

    the 243 could always be loaded with a partition or similar if you are worried about penetration on a bigger animal, but as has been said, it will deal with fallow or Sika. However, in my experience a bigger harder hitting round is advisable for rutting Sika stags. I have very little experience on fallow but don't believe they are anywhere near as 'tough' a beast.

    It would be good to just add a calibre to the cabinet but assume the reason for the considered swap is primarily because it would create more cost.

    If I had to pick one of the calibres mentioned for absolutely everything, from foxes to roe and up to fallow and Sika, I would probably choose the 25-06. 75grn hollow points on foxes, and something between 100 and 120grn for the bigger deer. It throws the bullets much faster than the 243 is capable of doing giving a considerable increase in ft/lbs energy. I loaded Hornady 100grn SP in mine with H4831SC powder for Sika and never once felt I really needed to go up to 120grns. If you don't shoot foxes and it is only deer, I honestly would be happy with any calibre mentioned. If you look at Scottish gun dealers, there always seems to be a good stock of second hand 270's available. It may be the same in England but up in my area the 270 for some reason appears to have fallen out of favour a bit over the years.

    Currently using a 308 for Sika and does exactly the job asked of it. very accurate, plenty energy, very little meat damage, not effected under 200yds by wind badly, soft to shoot etc etc....

    If you know how quickly your firearms department can turn round a request for a variation, why not get them to agree to you possessing either a 25-06, 270 or 308 in principal, then start looking for a rifle with the option of 3 calibres. That way the choice is massive, and when a rifle is found stick a deposit on it and send the application in for that calibre. Assuming it will be done within a couple of weeks or so I would imagine a dealer agreeing to hold onto it for you until your FAC comes back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    The 25.06 is too close to the 243 to be much different. Only advantage is a higher velocity and 120 grain bullets.
    How different is that? The .25-06Rem. will run a 100gn bullet at least 300fps faster and shoots way flatter than a .243Win.
    It's altogether a very much different beast & comes without the recoil of a .270Win.

    Both cartridges (.25-06 & .270) offer stacks of knockdown power on everything the UK has to offer in deer species and at extended range if necessary. I'll bet there are many folk on here using both who will all tell you the same.
    I've owned .270 & .308 but personally I prefer .25-06Rem and have never ever been disappointed.
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