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    Stick Making


    I'm looking for someone to make me a good sturdy hazel shank walking stick.
    I have the antler here from the very first stag I shot and would like to use it on the stick.
    My Grandfather was a great stick maker and in an ideal world I would have liked him to have made it for me but unfortunately he is no longer with us.

    So for all you stick makers out there, if you fancy the challenge drop me a PM.

    I'm more than happy to pay for your time.



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    I made my own one last summer, and wish I'd used a professional for it! Spent hours upon hours making it (like you with the antler from my first stag) and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the results weren't as good as I had hoped.

    I've got some goat horns I'd love to be made into one too.....

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    Hiya bazil here I've made a few and just yesterday finished a roe deer foot handled stick ,don't want payment but if you can send the antler or the part you want used its up to you feel free to get in touch bazil

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    Give me a call, my mate at work is a Master at good sticks.

    Regards Billy

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    Make it yourself you'll have far more satisfaction knowing you put it together, you can get good quality hazel shanks from martin hyslop let him know what your looking for he'll give you the right kit to get you under way ,he supplies all the stick makers .A one stop shop .Highland Horn - Horn, Antler, Wood materials, Tools and Accessories for Stickmakers Craftworkers

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    I would like to try making one myself at some point widows son, unfortunately time is not something that I have in abundance at the moment.

    Thanks to all who replied and PM'd. There sure are still a lot of kind and helpful people out there.

    Dalkur, I shall give you a bell when I get back from work middle of next week.



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