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Thread: massive trout

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    massive trout

    i thought you fly fishing lads would like to ha a look at this brown bad boy!!

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    Aye that's a big boy!

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    Just the sort you would catch on a pheasant tail nymph on a Aftm 3/4 weight split cane rod in a 6 foot wide chalk stream........

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    classic "arms length" photo for size.
    still a big brownie!

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    have you got long arme or do you need a bigger boat, nie fish

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    Thats a serious fish!! Would lead you a merry dance around on standard trout tackle! Fish of a lifetime..

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    Crikey that one would give my three weight a run for its money, that is a monster, the water must be teeming with food to gain a size like that.

    red letter day +


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    heres some trout I snapped on holiday a couple of years ago in NZ its amazing how big they can get with the right conditions
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1010065 [1024x768].JPG  
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    The chap who caught this fish is being ripped by some anglers for taking such a fish.
    I thinks it's a 1 in a lifetime and if im honest I'd have probably chapped it on the head as well.
    I wonder how many anglers have hooked and lost that 1.

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