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    antler prices


    just wondered if any one can help me with the current antler prices? I'm told they are normally sold by the kilo!? Also who may be intrested in buying them?

    I have around 50 red stag skull plate - antlers all of good size and about the same of roe bucks again all of a good size that belonged to a late friend.

    many thanks bullet

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    i would contact your local gun shop there useally pretty well up on this sort of thing

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    If only you were closer to me I'm desperately trying to find a decent set of red antlers !

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    Get 'em on EvilBay Bullet they make good money on there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    If only you were closer to me I'm desperately trying to find a decent set of red antlers !
    Drop me a PM I am sure I can oblidge you with a set. And am in the next county over.

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    If selling trophy's antlers with skull attached put them on evil bay, if you have anything really good you could try your gamedealer if you have one, a lot of gamedealers will buy trophy's but usually only interested in medal heads that they can sell on in the Continent.

    If its cast antler its sold by the kilo not sure of the current price the last I sold I got 5.50 a kilo to sell you are looking for a horn carver [ a craftsman that makes things from antler] try googling horn carver to find one in your area.

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    Current price is between 7 and 9 per kilo for cast or sawn off depending on who you deal with and how hard you haggle. For trophy red or fallow, cut but not on a shield you should be able to get 40 - 60 but only if they are properly prepared and saleable in a gift shop. If you want to send me some sample photos then I may be able to help with a sale. game @
    Best wishes,

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