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Thread: can you give surplus ammo away.

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    can you give surplus ammo away.

    Just a quick question.

    I have 45 privi partizan factory rounds that I will not use in my 6.5 x 55 as rifle does not like them.

    Instead of having them destroyed it seems daft if someone can use them.

    Legally am I allowed to pass them on to someone who wants them?

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    Yes. So long as they have the caliber on their ticket.

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    as long as you put them on their certificate

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    Yes if you sign them on to their firearms certificate after establishing that they can legally possess them.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thank you I will put a classified up see if anyone wants them. Got some in 223 as well.

    Let me know if anyone wants them they can have them as they are taking up room.

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    I can give them a home and only in Cheshire can meet you.

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    You could always use some for fouling rounds after a good clean if your rifle prefers it before it shoots tight.

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