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Thread: TIKKA M590/M595 Magazine (Model - .17, .222 and .223) & Bolt Shroud.

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    TIKKA M590/M595 Magazine (Model - .17, .222 and .223) & Bolt Shroud.

    Hi, I am looking for a spare magazine for my Tikka M590 the M595 mags also fits. It's for a .222 but the same mag takes .17, .222 and .223 ammo. Not bothered whether it is the 3 or 5 round version as it is literally just a spare. No hurries for it as I am not back from overseas until Aug time, hoping that someone will have one lying in a drawer from and old rifle or something.

    Also looking for preferably a metal bolt shroud to replace the plastic one that is currently on the rifle beleive the T3 bolt shroud will also fit.

    atb Gordon.

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    Thanks for the info but a bit more expensive than I was looking to pay when you can get similar ones sent from Australia for around 35 posted.

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    Aluminium ones yeah.

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    Would be tempted if you do tax free as curretly deployed overseas and postage is free under 2kgs through royal mail?

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    Shroud now sourced jus a spare magazine to find!

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