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Thread: Update on the Boar

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    Update on the Boar

    Last weekend I was at my permission in Germany. Apart from the fact that the wild boar are coming onto the feeding area’s really well we also still have a lot of work to do. With the new house we bought last December we made an extension to the house and made 2 new sleeping quarters. Up to last weekend it still did not have any windows, together with syndicate member Johan we made some new windows. Also we build the chiller onto its new spot and put some water mains in. Our friend Maarten, as he is a professional welder, welded the chiller and some fencing together. Also we made plans to build several new high seats and high seats on trailers.

    Still loads to do but we are getting there.

    You almost forget we are there to hunt as well. At night we sat at several feeding stations and most of us saw wild boar. Unfortunately I could not make out if the boar was female or male and decided not to shoot. (I shot one earlier that week, but sorry no pictures) Another syndicatemember shot at a wild boar that evening but we could not retrieve it. Our friend Maarten sat at a promising high seat overlooking a small meadow with several feeding stations. At one stage he could hear the boar coming through the woodland. One of the boar popped its head out and disappeared again. Some time later 2 came out, one clearly bigger then the other. After some spying for piglets or other signs for its gender Maarten decided to take the smaller one of the two. After the shot the boar did not sign and took off. Maarten heard cracking in the woodland at first and then all was quiet. He decided to go home and leave the search until the morning. We have the policy that we do not search for shot wild boar (over 30kg) during the night. Too dangerous and most likely unsuccessful. We discussed our experiences back at our quarters, others had seen quite a few boar but they where either too far away in the fields or could not see what gender it was. We try not to shoot the bigger females right now because they are most likely to have piglets. It is illegal to shoot sows with dependable piglets. Our friend had a sleepless night and we went to search for it after breakfast. Straight away we found 2 drops of blood, bit fatty but looked like he hit heart or lung. We looked carefully inside the thick undergrowth but could not make anything out. So we called a forestryworker who has a Bavarian mountain dog to search for it. He came and the dog found the wild boar laying 20 meters from the point where it was shot. Turned out the boar was hit high behind the shoulder, hitting the lungs. So all happy bunnies.

    The shot boar was a male in his second year and weighed in at 38 kilo’s. There was a lot of fat. All our boar are looking quite well nourished. Not like the ones I saw in the Netherlands this week. They where quite skinny.
    In 4 weekends time we shot 10 wild boar. Last year was a very difficult year with all the nuts, we only shot 16 the whole year. Now we are estimating to shoot around 40 wild boar coming year, hopefully some of those will be shot by my British friends. And hopefully it will take less effort (fingers crossed) then last time.

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    Looking forward to coming over R.

    Don't shoot them all :-)



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