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Thread: How regurlarly do you stalk one piece of land ?

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    How regurlarly do you stalk one piece of land ?

    As above , one of my permissions is about 200 acres of which 60 is English woodland and the rest permanent unfenced pasture . It has a small (2 acre) lake and 2 wide and long valleys . It's really well stocked with deer , but surrounded by arable farmland and woodland . I shot a nice buck on it last Saturday and being a newbie I'm itching to get back on it for more action . My question is how long should I really be leaving it between stalks and observing walks to maintain a healthy population . There are also a few munties but I'm not too fussed on stalking them for the time being , at least until I get some roe time under my belt .
    Many thanks

    Forgot to say there are no fallow , only roe and munties . And up until now it hasn't been shot since the 1980s.

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    There is a great phrase "You can't shoot them and have them" It could well be that your two hundred acres is fed roe from surrounding lands and as often as you take one out another fills in the gap but if this is not the case, whatever you shoot is one less to shoot next time. Is there demands on you to reduce the deer population? If you have other ground IMO it is always good to give bits a rest. If you are constantly on the one bit of ground the deer do become far more wary and less easy to locate.

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    There's no pressure to cull bucks , there will be does as I've counted 33 in one field before . I do have some other permission but it's pretty crap in all honesty , I've never seen a deer on it , but it helped me get my ticket ! I think that there's quite a steady population all around this area as none of the land is regurlarly shot. But this piece Is a particular haven for them !

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    200 acres and 33 does seen on one field + munties + bucks + other does you've not seen - sounds a bit overpopulated to me.

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    Shoot as many bucks as you like and they will not run out. Remove the females and you will loose the lot. Acm 33 in one field might not be to many if your field are 200 acre parks but then again i doubt it.

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    i have a permission the same size as yours and i have been taking the bucks like 6pointer says and leaving the does only taking a few young that will be pushed out and leave the mature does in place these have drawn in the bucks what i notice on my ground is they do come in to feed and see numbers around the twenty mark in winter then they disperse leaving three mature does in each of the smaller woods and the odd ones dotted amongst the hedges as these provide good cover.
    my farmer likes to see them and i dont get any real damage as all the trees are mature but he has just planted an orchard so things might change if they keep getting damage but for now hes happy as i am . atb wayne
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    This week I've visited 3 spots, amongst others, that I shot bucks from in the middle of May.

    In May I shot an old buck from each spot and this week each has a new buck in place.

    All are of better quality and 2 are definate medal class beasts.

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    I have a similar sized piece of ground and I don't stalk it that regularly - more from lack of time than anything else. I think a lot of it depends on how much the deer are spooked / frightened away by you and others. Deer can become very used to non threatening activities and if you are just quietly there observing, after a while they will just get used to you.

    But if you keep trying to get close - ie stalking them and you keep spooking them they won't like it and bugger off else where. When you shoot one, I think it is a very good idea to sit and wait for a good ten / fifteen minutes to allow things to settle down again so that any deer around don't come to associate you with the nosie of a gun and being shot. I haven't seen it with Roe, but have seen it with Red Hinds that have been under lots of culling presher be as nervous and skittish as anything and take flight at the mearest hint of a stalker being out and about.

    My advice would be that if you see a beast and its not shootable, leave it in peace rather than trying to get too close.

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    I had 1200 Acres of woodland, I would stalk once a week, probably 70% hit rate. 100% Deer sighted rate though. Only ever shot one deer per visit though, didn't have a cull to achieve, just the freezer or mates freezers to satisfy.

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    The ground I stalk in west sussex is a similar size and it's not uncommon for the farmer to see 20odd fallow in one field, they are never there when I get there. His daughter posts photos of them on facebook just to rub it in
    If I manage to get there 6 times in a year I've done well, it's such a long way to drive and see nothing but rabbits. But there's no cull targets, just stalking for pleasure and to keep the freezer full.
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