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Thread: Good News ( August )

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    Good News ( August )

    The owner of the small farm i vermin shoot on has just bought some land ( only 50 acres or so ), it is right in the middle of prime Fallow ground. I will walk it shortly with the owner but cant shoot over it until August i will be putting a Trail Cam up there to see whats about, but this will be my first permission with deer on .... I am chuft.. I will be inviting Ron ( Teckel ) up there has he has been kind enough to help me with my education in the sport and kind enough to let me go on his permission to stalk...



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    good things come to those who wait!

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    If its prime fallow ground the racks will tell you how they move about on the ground and it will be more fun just being there to watch at first and last light and you may get the odd fox while doing it.
    I bet it's a great feeling getting your first bit, well done

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    Well done on getting your first permission, now the trick is keeping it, i wouldnt take anyone else on it unless you have it 100% sown up, with the exception of course of the chap who helped you out as mentioned.

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    Nice one Dekit and well done one of my area's is smaller than that and its the most productive place i have ever stalked/shot over.
    Good luck with it in august. DF

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    Well done mate . So this time do i get to shoot something and you drag it?

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    Well done Dekit, how about some pictures when you get the chance ?
    It's always great to get some new land especially with the propect of deer, it would be well worth finduing out if you can put in a high seat or two which will help on the small acreage.

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    my only local permission has red,s,roe and muntjac on it but land owner dunt want them shooting arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Will do with the Pics and the land owner will let me put up High Seat allso will put up trail cam asap, Ron im older than you you will still have to drag it...



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    Good luck come august, being prime ground is anybody shooting it at the moment.....

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