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Thread: fancy something new

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    fancy something new

    Currently shoot a Anglo custom 7mm-08 for deer, i have a semi custom .204 for long range rabbit and fox.

    Looking for a calibre that could do it all, not looking for perfect calibre, just thinking 243 could shoot rabbit and fox, or load it up for deer, i dont dislike the 243 but everyone has one and i want to be different lol

    so a rifle that could shoot rabbits upto fallow, dont do a lot of reds.

    I dont need it just want it so to speak, at the moment if i take the .204 out and run into smaller deer its still off, and to honest the 7mm is a little overkill for rabbit n fox, so the rifle is like a goto when i am not sure what i am out for but want to go out.

    Any thoughts guys, only the calibre i think whatever it is will be one of Gavins Impala actions

    7mm-08 of course!

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    6.5x55 ticks all those boxes

    Prepare for another calibre war!

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    6.5 . 06

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    Hm... you will get loads of opinions - mainly by the owners of their particular calibre.

    I have foxing rigs (20 Tac & 22.250) and a deer rig (6.5x55) however in your situation bearing in mind an alternative foxing gun coupled with deer up to Fallow, I would give a serious look at the 25-06 as it can be loaded up or down to suit - a friend (whom I load for) uses his 25-06 mainly on Exmoor reds (100 gr) and then comes down to 85 gr for foxes

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    Get a .243 and tell everyone you've had a custom rifle built ot order in 6x52
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    I would say a 6mm would fill the gap between the 5mm and 7mm calibres you already have. The thing is which case to power the bullet? 6BR may be a little light for Fallow but perfect for everything else, 6X47 could be good, 243AI makes a lot of sense, 6mm Rem' nice long neck for reloading, 6mm SLR is getting good press with heavy bullets, some cheap 243 WSSM about, 6mm Warbird? (6-06 bit of a barrel burner.) 244 H&H even more a barrel burner.

    Leaving the last two to the side I would think any of the others would be fine. If you are going the custom route then fast twist 1-9 or faster so you can shoot 100gn plus bullets for fallow would work great.



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    i knew a lot of the 6mm would fit the bill, really dont want a .243 altho it makes a lot of sense, just want to be different lol

    just a thought used to have a 25-06 but didnt like the long action, but i think i read somewhere a .257 roberts could be sqeezed into a short action, anyone have any thoughts on that, if its even possible ?
    7mm-08 of course!

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    new stuff

    As said, build of rifle has a lot of effect on felt recoil, also if you are built like a lift hit you, (No neck!) this also attenuates things a little.
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    260rem, or if you really must, a 6.5x47L.

    To be reasonable, if you mostly shoot Roe, foxes and the odd big deer, a 6mm, maybe a 6x47L might be the way to go. If you have regular stalking on bigger deer, I would go with a 6.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pointblank View Post
    6.5x55 ticks all those boxes

    Prepare for another calibre war!
    +1 for this

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