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Thread: SNH Deer Cull Returns

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    SNH Deer Cull Returns

    I have just been filling out my returns for the DCS/SNH which we in Scotland have a mandatory obligation to do and I noticed a change in the forms. Previously we had to tick a box to indicate we either did or didnt want the information on the number of deer culled on our property shared with the local deer management group. I always did share the information as without it the group would find it difficult to formulate an overview of deer control in the area. After all the information from the area deer counts were available to all. Now the form just states that the information will be given to interested groups full stop. While I have no problem with this I can see that those individuals who kept the information to themselves and DCS for whatever reason may be tempted to falsify their returns. I have sat next to a group of farmers at DMG meetings and heard them state it was no-ones business what they shot on their farm. I think there was historic tension between them and the hill estates with accusations of feeding the big Stags into fields to be shot from landrover windows. Whatever the truth I fear this change may lead to an under-reporting of numbers culled . This cant be good for deer management. David

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    David it looks like the transparency of the figures will be lost. So if an individual wants the public return figures he will not get a true picture of what has been shot or by what method. Sounds like a really good plan./

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    I had a conversation with a snh emplyee regarding this and was informed that the WANE bill requires the information to be passed on DMGs so they can cover the "colaberative" culling part of the mandate that the DMG's now have to fulfill.


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    I am doing the same for my area where I am surrounded by large estates, and small farms in the glen. I have no problems with sharing the information, as my proportion of deer management and control in the area is insignificant (my neighbouring estate shoots 20 times as many stags and something similar to hinds as me).

    My view here is that correct reporting of information is an obligation for all, regulation and accountability is here to stay whether we like it or not, perhaps the farmers you refer to may find that as licensing and management protocols become stricter that their privileges are withdrawn if they fail to cooperate or are found to be under-reporting returns?


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    It is surely in the interests of those who manage deer to have a good overall picture of deer pop and culls in a geographic area not just what you individually hung up last season. The deer belong to the nation and only the right to take them is enshrined with the ownership of the land they are on or the shooting rights pertaining to it . We should be accountable for our management of the nations deer and only those up to no good or with questionable management are likely to disregard this.
    The crux of the matter i feel is in the wording in the Wane bill . The use of " sustainable" in terms of deer management is frought with problems, A sporting estate may want maximum numbers on the ground for venison or good quality for trophys and sustainably manage the herd while on there ground to this end . A nieghbour may be struggling to protect crops or to preserve grazings and sustainable management for him may require very few or no deer on his patch. I think that more collaborative management across boundaries and divergent types of land use is the only way to safe guard the future of the deer interests. It may be that in the not too distant future that to have deer on your ticket will require submission of returns.

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