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Thread: Help with finding a website that shoes land boundrys

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    Help with finding a website that shoes land boundrys

    Is there such a website that shows the boundary of farms etc so i can print it off and have it to hand as im not 100 perc sure on the boundrys yet and would like to revise as its a new shoot........


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    Not that I know of but try as a start point

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    there is a possible way yo get good maps but need you to pm me as i dont wish to post it on here as it forms part of my business and dont wish to get told off!!! let me know roughly where you are and i can provide details.


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    shoes hahaha psml

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    ok mate will do cheers

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    Take care , maps lie . Boundarys are boundarys, maps are lines on paper, is there not some old folks that can give you the boundaries on the ground?
    There are often discrepencies between title deeds with ommissions in transferring ground over time especially where larger parcels have been split often. To be absolutely certain you would need the sasine enteries for the surrounding area since adam was a boy. Unless there is a dispute, for your purposes an OS map and talking to nieghbours should suffice.

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    The Land Registry worked for me last time I used it. I got some great maps for no more then a land ranger map.
    If you know who owns it (careful as its not always who you think it is) they should be able to send you a map showing all ownerships, boundaries, rights of way etc.

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