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Thread: New Pet Vaccination clinic in the midlands

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    New Pet Vaccination clinic in the midlands

    I just I thought I would post this
    Times are hard and cash is short
    Maybe a shining light to some

    Our Coventry RSPCA Vaccination and Neutering Clinic | Easipetcare

    Nothing to do with me but their prices are keen

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    When are you getting done Rich ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    When are you getting done Rich ?
    Lol... Funny man

    Hope you are keeping well Simon

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    All good, was having a drink with GG at the weekend, seems he still keeps buying ground for you to play with and keep you busy !

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    Tell me about it
    But hey ho ... Needs are musts
    Just trying to keep up with the foxes are taking it's toll

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post

    Nothing to do with me but their prices are keen
    That is what I call keen pricing , vaccinations for life cost less than we pay for a puppy first vaccination course.
    Wish that we had something similar down this way

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    If not mistaken
    The person who has set this up is Judy Walker who originally set up Pets vaccination clinic , now called Your Vets
    Seems like she has come back to life and started up in the same area offering the same quality of service at very affordable prices
    If any locals are able to take advantage of the discounts fair play to them
    We all need a good deal at times

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    Just checked out their web site and I see that they have the same offers at 18 locations

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