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Thread: deerhunter lower back backpack olive green

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    deerhunter lower back backpack olive green

    This 100% waterproof back pack features:

    • Waterproof zippers
    • Padded waist straps
    • Front pouch
    • 5 external pockets
    • 18 Litre Capacity
    • 33 delivered
    • pm me if your interestedAttachment 16226

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    I believe this pack has shoulder straps as well as a waist strap/belt;
    can anyone tell me whether the shoulder straps are a removable part? Without butchering it?
    That is, can you use/wear it without the shoulder straps, if you want?
    And then put the shoulder straps back on if/when you are heavily loaded?

    in the Pentlands.

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