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    Swarovski Service

    I have recently had to send my 10+ year old 7x42 SLC binoculars back under warranty as the focus wheel in the middle was sticking. What I received back in the post today amazed me. I hand delivered them on the 14th May so 3 weeks turn around is great. My Binos were in good condition but had seen their fair share of use. Swarovski had fixed the problem by installing a new focus wheel assembly. Also they had put a new rubber skin on them, New eyepiece cups, New lens caps front and rear, New neck starp and the lenses had been cleaned and polished like they had never seen the field. They are like new to say the least A1 service that I cant fault.

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    i have to agree there service is second to none, i lost my front lense caps 3 times over the last year, no bother one phonecall and they were replaced no charge. i,m gonna send my el bino,s to get the front eye cups tightened , will post later how it goes.

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