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Thread: My intro

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    My intro

    Hi all,
    Relativley new to the site (though have been browsing it for a bit).
    Also quite new to stalking. shot my 1st roe this spring with John at Yorkshiredeerstalking and then did DSC1 up at barony colllege with Paul, both of wich I recommend to anyone starting out.
    Just picked up my shiney new T3 in .308 and looking forward to gettting some more deer and experience under my belt.
    Prior to stalking I have shot game and roughshooting for years and got into rifle shooting both through the forces and using .22 and .17hmr on bunnies.

    Based in lincs

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    Welcome mate , I like your caliber choice , I too am a new guy starting out stalking .

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    hi bart, where abouts in lincs are you?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    About 10 miles up the trent from you Ziggy half way bettween gainsborough and scunny

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    small world indeed, i might have some rabbiting coming up out that way soon, just waiting to hear back on it. if all goes well youll have to come for a few bunnies if you wanted? always good to meet local shooters

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    Ziggy I got some rabbiting round Axholme if you want to go out with little rifles PM me

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    you have a pm bart

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    Hello and welcome from the North

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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