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Thread: Wee Sika Calf

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    Wee Sika Calf

    After visiting my mate yesterday morning i was driving down the Glen road heading home when i approached a corner slowly to find a jap hind and tiny calf right in the middle of the road. The hind bolted up the bank into the trees and the wee calf wobbled into the shallow ditch at the road side and lay still. I managed to get a few good photos on my mobile. I did not like where it was lying so close to the road so i decided (whether right or wrong to do so) to move the deer a safe distance from the road, no struggle, i guess the calf was only a day old as it was very uneasy on its legs and i left it in cover. A first for me observing a sika calf at close quarters and what stunning markings.

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    I would not have touched it, your scent on the animal can cause the mother to abandon it. Not much traffic up towards Swordale?


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    I did not want to touch it but the Glenglass road is busy with Bentlys construction still working there and have been for the last 2 years. I checked last night after dropping off my quad and no sign so fingers crossed.

    ATB wallace

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    I'll need to show you how to post pics!

    I'm sure the calf will be fine.

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