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Thread: Hello from sunny Aberdeenshire

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    Hello from sunny Aberdeenshire

    Hi there,

    Just posting an introduction after registering on the Directory. I'm very fortunate to live in rural Aberdeenshire, where I've been shooting feathered game for a number of years with a shotgun. After getting my FAC a few years back and knocking over my fair share of pesky wabbits on the adjacent farmland over which I have permission to shoot, I've recently acquired a Steyr Scout in 7mm-08 with a beautiful Schmidt & Bender 6x42 'scope perched on top and a sound moderator at the business end. The Minister for War & Finance is still getting over the fiscal shock and it took a family holiday to Florida to placate the good lady - some flippin' credit crunch!!!

    I shot 2 Red deer hinds last December and am well and truly hooked on stalking. My quarry will mostly be Roe deer, of which there are heaps round our way. I drive into Aberdeen to work each day and regularly spot 10-15 Roe browsing in fields by the side of the road: this morning I spied a single group of 9 animals!

    The biggest difference I found moving from rimfire to centrefire is practicing. While I can pop away with my sound modified Brno .22LR to my heart's content, the canny Scot in me limits practice sessions to 10-20 rounds with my Scout. I'm still in the early stages of courtship with my new rifle so I guess it will take a few hundred rounds to become fully acquainted. That said, I'm still putting 5 rounds into a 1.5" group at 100m which is good enough for a relative novice.

    To date I've found the forum topics informative and useful and look forward to enjoying further browsing sessions. Happy hunting to all!

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    hi mate and welcome to the site i do alot of shooting in ballater, tarland,banchory,etc some nice ground in that area.this is a cracking site and all very helpful.
    Cheers Gadget

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    Hi and welcome to the site Craigearn Mannie

    Im a novice too, and have a 6x42 S&B (very well made aren't they).



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    Hello there and welcome,

    Good to see another one from Aberdeenshire.
    I live in Elrick but do a bit of shooting between Durris and
    Although Iíve been shooting for quite a number of years now, Iíve only
    recently joined this forum.

    Iím sure youíll find lots of useful information on this site.

    Best regards


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