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Thread: help scope advice needed

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    help scope advice needed

    what scope would you chose between a leupold vx3 1/2inch 3-12x50 or a s&b 8x56 1/2inch hungarian,the scope is going on my woodland stalking rifle 250yrd shots at the most but most within 100yrds rifle is 6.5x47lapua any advice would be great

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    I really like the Schmidt , I use the 8x56 on my .308 but with the 30 mm tube . Great scope . However no one can argue that Leupold are also great !

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    difficult comparison really.
    same reticule?

    I have the leupold you refer to.
    on low power it will probably appear to give better low light than an 8x.

    but I am inclined to say stay with the fixed reticule for a woodland rifle but the 8x might be too high for my liking sub 100yds

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    For woodland stalking you need to be able to use as low magnification as possible so the "Luppy" would be best. I have a 3-9 x 50 on my 30-06 when ever I go woodland stalking I keep it on 3. The lower the mag then the brighter the picture and this is valuable when in dimly lit woods. Just my preference. Hope this helps.

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    cheers guys the leup has the deer bracketing ret and will be the one i will go for i think as most of my shots are within 100yrd and alot are much closer in woodland

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