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Thread: Binoculars - any suggestions of mid-range brands?

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    Binoculars - any suggestions of mid-range brands?

    Hi there,

    I'm a new member to the Stalking Directory and just getting into stalking after being partially cured of pheasantitis. I learned an expensive lesson re. optics for my new Steyr Scout 7mm-08 and am keen to get some advice on bino's. After gambling on cheaper glass which failed to pass muster (zero kept getting knocked off both cheaper 'scopes I fitted) I stumped up a load of cash for a new Schmidt & Bender from Sloans of Inverurie (highly recommended gun shop if you're North East of Scotland based). The new 'scope is a dream to use and so much better than the cheap stuff.

    Despite protestations from the Minister for War & Finance (Mrs. Craigearn Mannie), I'm in the market for some mid-range bino's. I've got a pair of bird-watching specials which are OK for now but fancy something a bit better. Any thoughts on which brand in the 100-150 range would fit the bill? I'm looking for fixed power 8x42-ish. Anyone had good/bad experience of Barska bino's?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    These would be a very good buy,

    They are usually over 300 new.


    ps, I have no connection with this sale.

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    i use a set of olympus exwp1 roof prism bins. i had them up in scotland and my mates had a set of leica trinivids and a set of zeiss dyetals. the expensive bins were a bit sharper and gave about 5 to 10 mins longer at dusk. the olympus cost me 100 quid


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    For what it is worth I'd suggest you save for a little longer and get yourself some good glass. For me the Minox HGs were about where the laws of diminishing returns set in and I paid 400 including tax and duty for a pair from the USA. They are 8.5X43 and offer really impressive low light performance.

    You might also want to look at 2nd hand availability, if you were to be buying from a reliable source then that could save you a lot of cash and allow you to get much better glass for your money.

    As a hobby stalker I couldn't justify the money on 1000 plus binos, though I can understand why the professional would pay the money for swaros and the like. However, I've been happy with the Minox and even swaro owners have been amazed by their low light performance.

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    i use bushnell h2o binos ...... 10x42 , cant fault them just about indestructable and water proof ans all for about 120 quid !
    cheers lee

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    hi over the years i bought 3 different cheap brands of bino,s around 30 40 pounds 2years ago i decided to buy a good pair,so i went for the barska,i thought they were great until i discovered that if i looked out of them for any length of time i got a sore head .put them away and got a set of second hand swaro,s.
    i wish i,d bought them first, an old stalker told me buy right and buy once.
    forget the barska,s

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    i got a second hand pair of opticrons 8x42 a good while back. been out in all weathers They light round the neck, clear, comfy to hold and havent fogged up or let me down ever

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    Put a wanted ad up on the directory, i`m sure someone`s got something tucked away. It is a buyers market after all!!

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    Ask DL he just bought a mid range pair or glasses he well impressed

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    Have a look at Steiners. Been using them for years and still happy with them. Some good deals on Ebay at the moment.

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