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Thread: New toy...

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    New toy...

    After a significant wait, I finally received my custom stock and am thoroughly stoked with the final product!

    Rem 700VS in .308 with 26" barrel
    Stock trigger worked over by the USMC (one of their precision armorers trained to build out M-40's)
    J. Allen Enterprise Rem 700 Gen 3 stock with AI 10 rd mag (and adjustable mag well), flush cup sling mounts, QR thumbwheel cheek rest, adjustable palm shelf and adjustable LOP.
    SWFA SS 10x42mm SF Mil-Dot scope

    this thing is the dog's danglie's!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    That looks AWESOME !

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    I'm no great fan of Remmys, but that does look the part. Bet you're pleased mate
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    Nice looking rifle, wouldn't mind some of your weather either!

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    hi what sort of money was the stock as im looking for one for my tikka m590 thanks

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    The stock was just under $1200, but is currently only available in the Rem short and long actions. JAE is still trying to get caught up with orders (I waited four years, as I ordered it when it was just a concept), but do have intentions of building different action cages for the chassis. That part is on the back burner right now due to demand of what they already offer (M1A stock and Rem 700). Does the 590 have the same action screw spacing as the T-3? If so, may want to check out XLR Industries' offering. A bit less expensive, and offer a range of action inlets. I have been told some were imported to the UK, but had some serious damage in shipping, causing a spat. Not sure if that was ever cleared up or not... I have one being delivered in two weeks, and will post pics when I get it.


    I'm not a huge Remmy fan either (this is the only one I have actually), but this one shoots. I picked up the donor rifle in 1994, and while I don't shoot it much, it still drives tacks (2.75" 500 yd 5 shot group is pretty standard with the right load). I've got my eye on the AI-AX stocks that are supposed to be available this summer for the Savage action...


    Yes, we do tend to have some great weather this time of year (75*F yesterday, with a low of 62*F at night). I guess that's why we get so many tourists during the summer...
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    Stunning looking rifle

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    Attachment 16609

    You have a very utilitarian and undoubtfully accurate rifle there my friend, well done and congrats :-)...however, this is my idea of beauty..and from my homeland as well (for those who don't see it immediately, Schultz & Larsen)

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    Hi PKL,
    That rifle is top of my wish list, I have handled and shot a few never had the readies to buy one,
    what calibre?

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