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Thread: Leupold 8x42 Gold Ring HD Bino's

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    Leupold 8x42 Gold Ring HD Bino's

    sorry the pictures are not very clear only have a cheap camera at work.

    Hi all for sale is a brand new pair of Leupold 8x42 Gold ring bins these are the HD ones, have had a squint down them at the farm and they are well bloody good to say the least.

    they are in that funny green colour that Leupold do them in, they have the traditional twist up eye cups, they have a locking mech on the bottom of the adjuster, they come with all the lens caps and that is it this is some of the last bits from the shop that is closing down and being the owner of the shop is a good friend and coleague i have bought a number of items from him.

    the optics on these bins are fantastic they realy are very very good and on par with many of the bigger names, i have a number of Bino's my self my own personal items and they are as good as the Leica's and the zeiss.

    being the gold ring they are covered by the Leupold life time warranty no matter how many owners they may end up with.

    field of view is 7.46 the adjustment is sharp and presise and the Bino's have been in a cabinet so unmarked, i believe they are from October last year 2011 and i am sure if you email Leupold or GMK they would send you a user guide for the bin's.

    this is what Leupold say about their bino's.

    Calcium-fluoride, high-definition lenses deliver a level of clarity never before achieved.
    Phase-coated prisms work with the lens system to eliminate diffraction and ensure peak clarity.
    Leupold’s exclusive DiamondCoat™ and Index Matched Lens System® matches lens coatings to each lens for superior performance and optimal light management. DiamondCoat on exterior lens surfaces provides superior scratch resistance.
    Second Generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing is guaranteed for life.
    The interpupillary distance lock makes one-handed use easy.
    Rugged, waterproof, and guaranteed for life.

    Golden Ring 8x42mm HD

    33.2 oz / 938 g
    6.0 in / 152 mm
    56 - 72
    7.0 ft / 2.1 m

    had a look at a number of places for prices and it would seem the 8x42 knock out at the £755.00 mark, i paid Dave £450.00 for them and that is what i want for them not interested in making money out of some ones demise so for sale for.

    £450.00 posted

    bank transfer prefered method quick easy and safe, cheque, cash on collection, dont ask for paypal as i am not paying their charges but having said that if you want to add the charges to the amount thats up to you.

    cheers Paul
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    I must say these are really good binos. Shame I have some already otherwise good gear!

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