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Thread: Unexpected morning

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    Unexpected morning

    After recents remarks from a thread I posted about early morning stalking I got up and went,after 2 fields I got into the next and noticed fresh tracks,went left nufin,turned and went right and seen 2 blokes with rifles,went strait at them,they seen me and headed towards me,we met and I said have you permission to be out here,they relied yes,we had a chat,they did the decent thing and said I could carry on,we had a chat about sd,both were members on here,not really sure ow this will work out,will ask farmer next time I see him about it as I see him fairly regular,he has never mentioned it to me before and has had plenty of oppertunity,I've been going there for about 10 years.
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    Amazing what you see when you get out your bed in the morning!!!


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    But did you get a deer is the question.

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    I seen one but it saw me 1st,I found the remains of a dead one

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    You should have got there an hour earlier mate - it was heaving with them

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