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Thread: Hi from stalking novice

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    Hi from stalking novice

    Hi, im currently living in lovely shropshire and keeping myself busy with some vermin and fox control with my fantastic 20tac rem 700. Ive been shooting for some years now and would like to get into Deer management and stalking, so here looks like a good place to start!!!

    just looking through the calibre threads has sent my head spinning... everyone seems to have their favourites!!

    Ill be doing my DCS1 later in the year so have plenty of time to pick the 'best' calibre

    any noob information or advice is greatfully received

    atb graham

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    Hello Graham and welcome to the site.

    If you ever find the "best" calibre that we all agree on then you will have won yourself a place in history.


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    i think its probably 6.5x55 (tin foil hat on)

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    Hi from a stalking novice

    Hi Graham, Another 6.5x55 fan. We'll soon be outnumbering the Super Whizz Bang Boys.
    More Incoming.

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    Hi Graham and welcome
    There all wrong 30. 06 mate

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    Welcome, A man never has enough guns! Get yourself lots of different calibers and you will probably only reach for one! Which one only you can decide!

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