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Thread: 7mm bullets

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    7mm bullets

    What recommendations do you all have for 7mm bullets?

    I'm looking at 140 bt at present, just because I have a bit of data for it but will probably work up a new load so am open minded. It's for 7mm08 btw.


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    The 140 BT is a good choice for the velocities of the 7mm08

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    I happen to like the Hornady 139 BTSP or the Hornady 139 SP. They have performed well in my 7x57 at about 2800 fps.

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    Hornady Interbonds,not cheap but work well leaving little to no meat damage being a bonded bullet,

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    7 mm Bullets

    I have been using Nosler B Tips, Accubonds and Partitions in the 7-08 and the 275, all good, Favourite? Accubonds for performance and low meat damage on roe and fallow, Partitions in second place. Just my experience.

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    have a look at "entry and exit" thread of the PHOTOS forum,it will show you my favourite pill Winchester 150 gr SP

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    140gr Partitions do just about everything well.
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    I have used 139 g interbonds and interlocks the first being more accurate ( only slightly i might add ) but with excessive meat damage on entry ( I need to try slowing these down ) I have gone back to the interlocks for now, I also have some 140grn noslers to try but haven't got around to it yet, drop me a line and you can have a few of each to try mate.
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    I have good experiance with 140grs Accubonds and 156grs Grom in 7x57R and 7x64 Brenneke.
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