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Thread: Do I really need binoculars

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    Smile Do I really need binoculars

    As title suggest, do I need binoculars, or would I get away with a monocular. My question arises from the fact that I have a lazy eye, with very poor vision . I can see out of it, buts it's very blurred . So do I need to go to the expense , and weight, of a pair when I could get away with a monocular. Anyone's experience would be gratefully appreciated.
    Cheers Neil

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    when i read the title i was going to write ''you cant stalk without bino's'' but in your instance why not give the monocular a go !

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    or buy a rangefinder?
    kill two birds etc?

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    I have binos, but I never use them.

    I tend to use my rangefinder instead.

    PS. You CAN stalk without binos.

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    Is it not possible to focus the binoculars for both eyes since the right eye is generally adjustable?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Neil. your best bet is to pop into your local gunshop and try some binoculars - that way only you can tell whether to rule them out or not.

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    It is hard work glassing with one eye. You have to think about closing an eye.

    However I use my zeiss range finder more than my binos. Lighter and faster lol

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    If you could find a broken pair of binos where the knackered side corresponded to your bad eye, you might pick up some top quality glass for next to nothing.

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    The main reason for binoculars or similar is that you are not using your rifle and scope to spot targets. There is no reason why you could not use a scope, so long as it is not attached to a rifle. But that kind of defeats the object. Find whatever suits you.

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    I used a Zeiss range finder for about a year without any problems.
    I only changed to RF binos as I could afford them and I the wider FOV helps.

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