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Thread: help with schmidt and bender needed

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    help with schmidt and bender needed

    I have a 8x56 sb , can anyone tell me what the smaller ,what looks like adjusters on the main elevation and left and right adjusters are for,I have tried to google it or if any one has a spare information sheet would be much appreciated,dont want to muck about with it till i know what they are for

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    Do you mean the little dial? It's just to give you an indication where you are within the range of adjustment.

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    when out zeroing, I am shooting 2inch to the left, would i just adjust as normal with the main adjusters,and forget about these small dials sorry for the ignorance

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    The dials simply indicate how much adjustment is left as stated. If they indicate you are at the maximum then you need to look at how the scope is mounted.
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    cheers , get what you mean now

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