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Thread: School me on .22lr Rifles

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    School me on .22lr Rifles

    Heya folks,

    Am looking for a .22lr bolt action rifle. (Mixture of 50m practice and plinking some bunnies as sensible ranges).

    Any ideas on what's a good deal at the minute? New or second hand both good options?

    Looking forward to your advice!



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    cz american

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    cz had ten years good service from my synthetic/blued model ,had a trigger kit fitted 15 never let me down .

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    CZ American - take it out of the box, scope it up, 5 shots to zero, then just have fun.

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    Krico wouldn't be worth a look?

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    An older version of the CZ is the BRNO. Same company I believe, but changed name. Jolly good rifles, by all accounts.
    Really pleased with my BRNO #2, and it was a very affordable package complete with mod and 3-9 x 50 scope.

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    CZ every time, yet to be bettered.

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    CZ or Brno. I bought 5 BRNO's the other night to fix up. Can't do better.~Muir

    100 yards with my 1950s Brno

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    CZ 452 synthetic or the CZ 455 thumbhole varmint.

    You cannot beat CZ 22lr`s for performance and value.

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