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Thread: BLE Westley Richards (Sleeved) & HW35 for sale

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    BLE Westley Richards (Sleeved) & HW35 for sale

    I'm going to try to clear a few more items from the cabinet-

    So first up, my BLE 12g Westley Richards, 30" Sleeved barrels (by WR) 14" LOP, 2 3/4" chambers. This is a very pretty gun, slightly cast for a right-hander, the stock is a very high grade, I would imagine when this was new it would have been stunning. 400 ono

    Next up, my old HW35 (roughly 30 years old) cracking condition springer - last year the stock was rubbed down and oiled. Comes with a new cheap Richter scope 150

    Pictures available by MMS or email

    PM me -


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    excuse the ignorance, 'sleeved'?

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    PM sent re. WR boxlock

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    excuse the ignorance, 'sleeved'?
    Sleeved Barrels:

    An economical method of bringing new life to a damaged pair of barrels, regardless of their original method of jointing. The ribs are removed. The barrels are cut off 3" - 4" from the breech end and discarded. The bores of the remaining breech-end are reamed out oversize. New tubes are fitted down into the original breech section and filed down to fit flush. The original ribs are then replaced.

    Sleeving is considerably less expensive than building a completely new set of barrels. Much of the time required to build a set of barrels is concentrated in the fitting of the breech end to the receiver; this work is salvaged through sleeving. Sleeving can be recognized by a pair of circumferential lines around the barrels a few inches from the breech; the more invisible, the finer the job. A sleeved gun should always be identified as such amongst the proof marks.

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