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Thread: Swaro 8 x 56 fixed is no more!!

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    Swaro 8 x 56 fixed is no more!!

    I'm sorry if I missed something along the way but I called in at my local gunsmiths to look at some scopes and start comparing them. Started talking about how it might be difficult to get something to match the good old swaro 8 x 56 fixed. Only to find out that Swarovski have stopped making them! Have they gone mad or am I just not getting it. Surely that was one of their best selling scopes and a bloody good model, I'm glad I managed to buy one before they disappeared!!

    Can't seem to be able to get a Swaro for under a grand now!! Crazy!!

    I can't imagine I'm the only one to notice this, or is it old news and I've just been away for too long...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottC View Post
    I can't imagine I'm the only one to notice this, or is it old news and I've just been away for too long...
    Yes old news, and no I don't understand either
    Unless they think you would prefer, and be better off with a 56mm variable for much more money.


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    there are a few knocking about still though, i picked one up a few weeks ago and i know the shop has atleast one more. im in there tomorrow so will find out if youd like?

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    My very first scope, been with it almost as long as I have been with the wife.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    I relieved Gregor Macleod of one about six months ago (at a very good price), it is fabulous. They must be mad to stop making them! I would love an illuminated reticle one, it would just about be the perfect scope for me.


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    It's simple the UK market is small, tiny almost to the US market and well you try telling most American shooters how good a fixed magnification scope is ........................................ Good luck on that one! .

    So we get shafted .................................................. .. as I said simples.

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    My guess is that Swaro were probably losing out too much to S&B on the 8x56 market and weren't selling enough to make it worth making the 8x56. Basically I suspect they could make more money shifting production to other models. (Let's face it, if someone know has bought a new, top end 8x56: odds on it's the Schmidt right?)

    Sad to see the lack of consumer choice though...



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    I do find it very odd. I wonder if they will do like Zeiss with their Duralyt range and Khales with their KX/KXi range and bring out an 'entry level' range.

    I have been looking at other scopes and nearly talked myself into a variable, then back to a fixed, this is still on-going! I wanted to go for something different then the Swaro, variety and all that. But I do feel that there should be a period of mourning over the death of the fixed 8x56. Possibly a public holiday!

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    Perhaps they want us to buy the new scopes with 10 year warrenties so more instant profit and less spent out
    on free repairs in the future.


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    My first swaro wa a 8 x 56 fixed, I chopped it in when I changed rifles, (mistake number 1)had it for many years and worked to pefection, still expensive like any swaro but affordable with quality, in these somewhat leaner money availability days, you would have thought that would have been the one to stay. it does say who commands the market, it certainly not the consumer any more.

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