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Thread: scope for .223

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    scope for .223

    as i have spent alot of my funds on a .223 set up which is very good i must say but only got a nickon 3-9x50 on it also very good but at distence at night with lamp need something better, Any ideas guys

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    schmidt and bender 8x56 the best when lamping, no faffing, aim and shoot job done

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    Mal, you have more than enough magnification on your rifle for its range and use under a light. A 250 m shot under a light is a long shot and 8-9x mag is plenty to take it with. A more expensive scope may seem to show your target a bit brighter / clearer, but it is a diminishing return you are getting on the next 1000 you will spend.

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    Hi Mal,

    How much are you planning to spend on a scope?

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    hi Mal, i have a nikon prostaff 3-9 x 50 on my .223 & use it regular under the lamp,to be honest i find it excellent out past 200yds but i dont shoot further than that at night.

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    I use a mtc viper 6-24 x 56 and its good for the money but not great on the lamp at ranges past 200. The glass just isnt comparable to the better quality scopes like zeiss etc.

    I shoot loads of foxes with it though, and it serves its purpose.

    I always keep it on 10 x as well !

    Im fancying two duryalits 3-12 x50s soon for the .223 and .243. only problem is money. ( normally the lack of it !! ) Its always easy for people to say "get a scmitt and bender or a zeiss or a swarovski" when theyre on much better wages than you

    If i came home with a 1500 scope id find divorce papers and the old house locks on the doorstep when I got back in from shooting !

    At the end of the day buy the best you can afford and be happy with it, but id say that something along the lines of a fixed 8x or a 3-9 or 4-12 would be ideal.

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    well i always use burris or leupold but the other day i bought a vortex Diamondback 3.5 x 10x50 with bdc ret it was going on my 22lr buckmark,but it ended up on my 243win the low light on this was that good ,you can get these for about 260 quid from midway uk alot of scope for not alot of money would i buy another one in one word yes with out a dought try one, you will not be disapointed i/m not atb steve
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