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Thread: Where can I get a good clip on water bowl?

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    Where can I get a good clip on water bowl?

    After a bowl big enough for 2 dogs, that I can clip to the side of a kennel run mesh. seen lots of small bowls, but want the confidence of knowing that they will not run short of water.

    If I can't buy the right thing, gues i will be hacking into a 2.5 gallon ex army water carrier.

    Can anyone supply a link to a suitable product?

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    I use galvanised steel buckets shackled to the mesh. If I get a dog that like to climb on them and tip them up I just wrap a bungee chord around and fasten it to the mesh. Never had one run out before I got to fill it again.


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    Have a look for horse products, i bet some of the animal feed containers designed to hook onto fences would be an ideal size for what you are after, i'll have a look for a link in a bit


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    'm not sure how that would work on the mesh of a kennel but we've got them at work with different hooks on the back which i imagine would work well with mesh, especially if there was a rail to take some weight


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    I like the look of the horse goat sheep one, I could rig up a rail to mount it on maybe!

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    Hey stumbled across a really good soloution! Mrs Nabbers got a new set of pans and I realised that if I unscrew the handles on the old ones and bolt them to a bracket......

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