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Thread: Aftermarket tikka M55 stock?

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    Aftermarket tikka M55 stock?

    I was just wondering if there are any aftermarket stocks for the above rifle? The original one is ok but the palm swell is almost too small for my hands I was also wondering if anyone else find the magazine a bit awkward? The cal. is .22-250. It's a great gun but not quite as good a fit as my sako 75!

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    I have one in .222 but not sure what model it is. It seems to have a standard sporter type stock and the palm swell is quite thick so sits well in my hand. When I first got it the magazine lips had to be set at the right angles to get both the 3 and 5 shot magazines to feed reliably and the 3 shot magazine that sits flush was very hard to get in and out but I had a lug attached to the bottom of it and it now works fine. I can't add photos but can email some if you want to see it.

    The best place I've found for after market laminate stocks in the uk is Joe West Riflestocks
    he will replicate your rifles inlet free of charge if you send the original stock to him.


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    Thanks very much Rick, that's very helpful! And it's a 3 round mag I've got as well and it's a pain in the butt to click in you say you've got to get the angles right

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