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Thread: why is it

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    why is it

    why is it always "I shot this deer/fox/crow/rabbit at abc oh so long a distance", rather than "I stalked all the way into xyz short distance and put a clean shot.."?

    personally, last weekend out with my brother in law, we stalked into numerous deer, very close, some of which were a nice 6 pointer to 15yds, and a spiker to 25yds, an old doe to only 15-20yds,,none of them had a clue of our presence but what a thrill and experience. Every time my brother in law was surprised by how close I could get us and sat in awe watching them that he missed the chance of numerous shots, but walked away with such joy of the stalk and experience watching these magnificent animals from such a close distance that he kept talking more about that than had he actually pulled the trigger from further away.

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    + 1 with you on this - rarely I shoot any anything past 170 yards - but hey ho everyone to their own.. for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Same kind of thing when i'm shooting with the air rifle, I know I can kill a rabbit or a pigeon out to 45-50 yards if I need to but a rarely shoot anything like as far, 15-25 yards being the norm.

    I can see how being able to reach out to a great deal of distance could be useful, say if you are sat out in a high seat and a fox you have being trying to get pops up at 300 yards its got to be handy to have the confidence to be able to knock it over.

    But surely the whole skill in "stalking" is to get to a range where you can be absolutely sure of dropping the target animal with that first shot


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    They must be Sh#te stalkers if they have to shoot at 300 yards.
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    So was I a bit re- miss with this one, (.270Win) @ 25 yards? necked,DSC00865 - The Stalking Directory Photo Gallery
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    last weekend i was watching a doe @150 yds hoping she would fetch a buck out but never did, so it was nearly home time and i could av gone back 1 of 2 ways so decided to go the way of the doe which ment i had to go very close to pass,
    well as i,m newish to stalking i was not too bothered if i spooked her but did want too test myself, i stalked across an open field over a wall and got about 20 yds behind her. i then had about 10 yds from wall to tree's which with 1 step at a time and watching her very carefully i managed it. she knew something was there but never moved off and i even filmed her for about 5 mins whilst i was there aswell.
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    Whilst out stalking Friday night I walked right onto a lovely 6-point buck, not sure who was more surprised me or the buck, but he was 15m away and we stared at each other for maybe a minute during which time he barked a couple of times then pronked off. What a lovely experience, and there will always be another opportunity to go back on another occasion.
    I'm with you PKL, not impressed with long shots - if you want to brag about a long shot join a club, go target shooting and show everyone the target grouping, don't risk wounding a splendid animal such as a deer to massage an ego.
    For me the challenge is getting as close as possible for a humane shot.

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    I don't think anyone would opt for a long shot if it was possible to reduce the distance without the risk of spooking the deer, would they?

    There are some circumstances though where there is no option but to take a shot that is a bit longer than the norm. I'm not saying its okay to shoot at deer at ridiculous distances, but modern firearms and optics are very efficient at producing superb accuracy beyond 200yds.

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    There is always an option not to take the shot - simply don't take the shot!
    Modern firearms and optics are certainly capable of long distance accuracy, but is the person pulling the trigger?

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    Don't pull!............... Squeeze!!!!
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