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Thread: Nice forestry buck

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    Nice forestry buck

    Out with Amanda 16 (tom) on his ground up on the border ,came upon this fellow knocking hell out of some young sitka spruce for which he paid the price, nice head to come out of the forestry

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    very nice buck

    Atb steve

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    Nell - nice head mate, another one for the collection.

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    Nice 1 tony mate!
    Atb John.

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    A fine buck, well done


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    Quote Originally Posted by J DAVISON View Post
    Nice 1 tony mate!,
    Atb John.
    I have to agree with J Davison on this one... very nice head

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    Nice one mate!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    very nice buck

    Atb steve
    +1, were nice

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    Top class forestry buck worth boiling out full skull, as if it's heavy enough might make medal, well done


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