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    Hi guys - - has anyone got any experience of this ?

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Hello, i have the ns50. Its good on my rimfire. it can ID stuff out to 80m without a problem. i have used it on a bushnell banner 3-9x50 and nikon prostaff 3-9x50 to good effect. It could do with a dimmer control on the screen, i've put some green see-through plastic on mine.last i heard the people at nite site were going to sort a dimmer control out. I havent put it on my centerfire yet im not sure how it would deal with the recoil

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    My mate bought one a month or so ago, I'm a little bias as i prefer a dedicated system. I've had a go its fine on the air rifle around the barns ratting and ok on 22 rimmy bunny bashing out to 50-60 yards but that's its limit. May improve with a better IR source ie a laser. The screen is to bright plays havoc with your eyes own night vision. easy to set up and takes a little getting used to.

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    I have the NS200, and I'm really impressed with it, for the money, but I'm not impressed with the information given on the web site, or by some retailers.

    First off, you need to check it will work with your current scope, unless you're prepared to replace it, as I had to !

    You MUST have parallax adjustment, and it MUST be able to parallax down to at least 10yds, otherwise you won't be able to focus it properly. Also, some of the more expensive scopes won't work very well because of their coatings.

    That aside, it's quick, & easy to fit, and set up. This done, the picture is very clear, with the brightness easily adjusted using the rotary switch on the top, to suit the distance you're shooting. I currently use it on a .22RF, and I'm not certain about shooting to 200yds, my longest rabbit is 92yds with it, although that was pretty clear. I think it will depend on how much ambient light there is. The darker the better.

    It took a little getting used to, because it felt a bit like a video game to start with, aiming through the screen, instead of the scope, but there's no need to re-zero.

    The biggest issue I had was ranging distances, although this will improve with experience using it. I made a point of ranging some land marks before it got dark, but found it difficult judging distances across open fields, because rabbits looked much closer than they were.

    One down side, is the screen does of course give off some light, and this will reflect off your face. It took me a while to work out why some rabbits would look directly at me, not realizing how they could see me in the pitch black.

    A friend uses a camera filter on his, and and this works well to restrict the relected light.


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    Do you find that moths are attracted to the screen?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BRYAN View Post
    Do you find that moths are attracted to the screen?


    Not had that yet, but you do see them flying around in the IR light, along with other flying insects.

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    i have the ns 200,i had to change my scope for a cheap one but on my hmr 160 yard bunnys no problem.shame you live so far away.see if someone close will let you have a go .there not cheap but they are compared to night vision scopes and with the luxury of changing from rifle to rifle without having to re zero.

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    I have tried the Nitesite and concur with the comments of "Lateral". Very impressive visibility for the price. However it is the "Video game" part that put me off buying one. I prefer to look through the sight on my rifle whether it be day or night. With the Nitesite you are looking at a TV screen and moving the cross-hairs like a cursor on screen (For those old enough to remember "Bernie the Bolt" on Golden Shot it was like that).
    I have heard people raise concerns about the reflected light which needs to be considered if you are looking to buy one.
    Great piece of kit for the price! Just not for me.

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    For those starting off night shooting at close ranges for rats and rabbits on a rimfire or air rifle it is a reasonably cheap option. Personally, after using a good convetional night vision unit I doubt you would bother with a Nitesite.

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